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Preparing for Public Administration Optional

This article is written by PREM RANJAN SINGH, Rank 62, UPSC CSE 2013. He is currently undergoing training as an IPS and shall be joining IAS soon. He has provided his contact details and interested candidates can direct his queries directly to him. 

Public administration has become very tricky to score in UPSC. Fortunately I have been able to score good marks in this subject: 2010- 340; 2011 – 330 ; 2012- 210 (good by any standards as pub ad was butchered that year); 2013- 228 .

Some of the things which we must remember/follow/understand in pub-ad:

  • The most important thing in pud-ad is conceptual clarity. Unfortunately most of us rely completely on coaching notes and end up having only superficial knowledge which is very dangerous in present setup of UPSC exam and especially in pub-ad.
  • Untill n unless u have conceptual clarity you won’t be able to understand the question in the first place.
  • All of us write answers in pub-ad and feel that we  have written it well but the problem is most of us interpret questions differently and end up writing different answers. The correct interpretation of question will only happen if ur concepts are clear.

I know you may think that what is so new in that but I tell you very honestly that this is the reason why most of us are not able to score good marks in pub-ad (apart from UPSC recent break-up n hate for pub-ad).

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