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Marriage vows

Following are the “vachaans” a bride is supposed to make on her marriage (in the brackets, “modern interpretation” of the vachaans):

  1. Never go out home alone (you must not forget to take wallet, mobile phone)
  2. Whatever the husband says, you must obey (train your husband so well that he never says/demand anything that you object!)
  3. If you see an unknown man coming to your direction, you shall either change your way or move ahead after the man has left (now, that is basic traffic sense!)
  4. You should not visit your father’s house till you are ‘invited’ by them.

These are the vows Shiva had asked Parvati when they were getting married. Similarly, Parvati had asked for 7 vows from Shiva. I found these marriage vows somewhat obsolete and biased (against both the bride and the groom). I could not understand how a couple start their lives by taking vows which both of them know will not be followed for even a day. People say that they do it as part of formality and they do not put any significance to these rituals. If this is so, what is the essence of performing them?