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Delhi Government – constitutional woes?

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion on what the Delhi Government and its legislative arm can do and what it cannot. This article is an attempt to understand this precise question in the context of the constitution and various other legal provisions.


In 1991, an amendment was made to the Constitution that provided special status to the Union territory of Delhi. It redesignated Delhi (previously entirely under the Central Government) as the National Capital Territory of Delhi, along with creating legislative assembly and a council of ministers for Delhi. Thus, while creating space for decentralized legislation making, the amendment withheld with it the features of a Union territory that gives eventual control to the Parliament/ Union Government.

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Reserve Bank of India recruitment- Grade B

This entry has been written by Avi Prasad who stood first in the RBI Grade ‘B’ examination for 2012 Batch.

Career with Reserve Bank of India

Reserve Bank of India recruits Officers in Grade ‘B’ (General) and the number of vacancies usually range from 70 to 80 for each panel year. The candidate must be between 21 and 30 years (subject to relaxation for certain categories) and must have the requisite educational qualifications (First Class Bachelor’s degree/ Second Class Masters degree etc.)

The selection is usually through Written Examinations and Interview. Written Examination is conducted in two phases—Objective (Phase I) and Subjective (Phase II). The subjective exam is conducted 3-4 months after the objective exam for the candidates qualifying in the objective test.

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A few weeks back, I watched Bol, a Pakistani movie on women rights and religious fundamentalism. It was one of the most beautiful movie I have seen till now. Bol was the highest earner movie in Pakistan in the first week of its release. In India, unfortunately, it could not survive competition from ‘Bodyguard’-quite expected given our entertainment thrived population. For me, it was quite disappointing to see that our country is not receptive to such themes.

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Economists very often talk about the trade-off between equity and economic growth. The argument is as following:

“If there is inequality in the society, people have incentive to move up the ladder through aspirations of being at higher position. Hence, they work harder resulting into economic growth. Rich have higher propensity to save which feeds into higher investment leading to higher economic growth”

India can probably stand out as a good example of this probable economic phenomenon, albeit through a different economic logic.

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Recently, I was watching a programme on “Aarti Home”, a home for orphans and “unwanted” children (read girl child). The owner of this organization had information about a lady who wanted to abort her child since she was a girl. She visited her in hope of convincing her to not take such a step. In the whole conversation that followed between the owner of the organization and the pregnant lady, the former had no words to refute the reasoning behind not having a girl child. To me, the reasoning was a perfect cost-benefit analysis.

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