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I have cleared UPSC Civil Services exam 2013 with rank 77. Before joining the services, I was working with Cambridge Economic Policy Associates, a public policy consultancy in the Global Health practice area. I gained my Masters degree in Economics in 2011 from Delhi School of Economics, right after completing my graduation from Kirori Mal College.

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  1. Hello. My name is Zubin Sheriff. I have just completed my graduation (B.Com.) from Sydenham College, Uni of Mumbai. I am interested in pursuing a Masters in Economics, and would like your advice on how to prepare for the entrance exams for the different colleges. Do you know any coachings or private tutors in Delhi, whom I can approach. Waiting eagerly for your reply. Thank you.

    1. hello sir,,,
      Am an IAS aspirant now doing M.Tech 1st year on Thermal Engineering.From last year onwards only i think about being an IAS OFFICER .Some tells, to get Civil Service i would have start preparation from my childhood,is it correct?.I dont know where to start baiyya!!!….
      which all study materials did u follow to cross prelims.which to select as optional?.Help me!

  2. hey!
    great work. can you please come up with an entry on IGIDR ? is it a good institute ? how mathematical-strong do you need to be for clearing the same ?

    1. You may read some of the comments. I have talked about IGIDR somewhere. It is a good institute and totally based on CAT type entrance.

  3. You are awesome!!
    Well can you give me an advice of colleges for getting a corporate job.Are jnu students get jobs in corporate sector?

  4. Hi Riju!
    I am doing Economics (hons) from KMC, DU. I am in II nd year right now. I once read in your blog that you received RBI Young scholar award. I was planning to give the exam this year but i want to know that what time of the year is the internship conducted? Would I be missing my college? Is it the right time for me to give exam or shall I wait to be in my Masters? Your guidance about the exam would be helpful. Looking forward to your suggestion!

  5. hello riju !
    could u plz guide me for the pre. of RBI young scholar exam means to which part i should foccus more . although i have seen the syllabus for this year it is quit lot especially(annual report of 2009- 2010) so plz guide me how i prepare it in the best way.

    1. Do go through the annual reports as it will help you grasp the basic concepts. You certainly don’t need to know the figures and details about RBI functioning but a surface knowledge will be helpful. Go through various FAQs on the website, the speeches of governors, deputy governors and other basic information on rbi website. Pratiyogita Darpan’s economics book is also very helpful. Hope this helps! Thanks for your wishes.

  6. Hi Riju. great work. I am in the final year of my B.A(HONS)ECONOMICS course from Ramjas College, DU. i wanted to know about MSE. Is it worth going to MSE. Moreover i would like to know about the placement scenario of that institute. Applying and going for MSE is worth as i am scared of D-School because its course syllabus is delugely mathematical( a little mathematics would do but not maths maths and only maths) and i don’t understand a single question asked in its entrance examination. Please reply. please please please. by the way good blog.

  7. Hi Riju,

    I am a software engineer by profession ( not by choice ). Followed the herd after school and got engineering degree. I am very interested in persuing further studies in social scinces specialy economics. Can you please guide me about the preparation for entrence exam for MA in Economics from Delhi school of economics. I am in middle east these days and unable to check econdse.org.
    Appreicate your guidence 🙂

  8. MY son is B. Tech. in CSE. He wants to pursue MA in economics. What is the scope of the subject . What is the level of entraance exam . On what lines to prepare for it.

  9. Hi Riju
    I have got the interview call from IGIDR. In 2011 i was selected for the RBI Young Scholars Award. So i want to know what can i be asked from my experience there.
    With Economics as my background, i want to know what sort of questions are asked from economics and mathematics.
    I would really appreciate your guidance.

    1. Nothing much related to RBI – just the obvious one maybe relating to what the project was. As far as I recall, I think they focus a lot on maths in the interview so do brush up differentiation really well.

  10. Hi Riju… I completed my graduation in 2010 course BBE from Delhi University.. I now want to do my masters in economics.. I am working full time.. I need to start from scratch.. Do you think there is enough time to prepare for the entrances in 2013??

  11. hi mam…
    i am taking m.a. entrance coaching from mr.vibhas jha at n.d.a

    he is undoubtedly a genius economists but he is very irregular…
    should i remain here or swith to other coaching like amit goel or ecopoint…?

    1. Leave it asap! I don’t know about Amit Goel but ecopoint was good. Remember, your hard work counts more than what any coaching can provide you.

  12. Hello Riju … I am a 2nd year student eco(hons.). I want to know the requirement of mathematics and statistics for ISI MSQE entrance ? Is Syddsater and Hammond book for Mathematics for Economics Analysis sufficient for maths part and if not what will be the best way to prepare for Msqe maths part ?
    Kindly reply soon..,
    Thank you

  13. Hi Bafna,
    Congratulations to you. I have completed my post graduation in business dev in 2012. right now I am working with an MNC. I always wanted to go for civil services but i was never too sure about my success. I got married last year & when my husband came to know about this he started encouraging me for this. I am very good in general awareness & at some point I have confidence that if i start preparing for this , I might get success. Should I go for this???

  14. hi,
    aapko haardik subhkaamnaye.
    main ek b-tech garduate hoon. main abhi ssc ki preparation kar rha hoon aur ssc exam ke baad main upsc ki taiyari karna chahta hoon.
    maine apne ssc ki taiyari ke dauraan gs ke subjects ki padai ki hai aur mujhe polity sub interesting laga.
    mujhe ek behtar startegic ki zarrorat hai jisse main kam samay me upsc ki taiyari kaar saaku.
    aur mujhe apni mansikta(mentally) me kis tarah ka badlaw lana padega jo mujhe is exam ki taiyari me madad kare.
    aap mujhe self study aur coaching ke padai me paraspar samband ka tarika bataye .
    aur mujhe kis tarah ke notes aur books ka use karna chahye.
    thank u,

  15. Hey there!

    I really appreciate for all the time you provide by lighting the lost ones in the dark.
    thank you so much.
    And about me,
    i am from Mumbai, pursued my B.A. Economics(2013) from Mumbai University.
    i took a year drop to appear for DSE, JNU entrances.
    hard luck, i did not get through.
    now my plan is to shift down to Delhi, which will be a new city for me, take up coaching there for DES, JNU entrances and reappearing it.
    i have heard about “Amit Goyal”, he is also a past student of DSE
    and also about “Eco Point”, both of the tutors out here are also part of DSE.
    i am just to confused whom should i opt for.
    as you have personal experience about Eco Point as well and in case if you have heard about Amit Goyal,
    please help me out and guide me who is the best and will help me out for making me prepare for DSE JNU Entrances.
    my only aim is to get into the top Institutes and want to purse my Post Graduation.
    and yes, in case, you can reply personally on my E-mail, as recommendation is considered.
    just help me lift little towards my goal that’s it.
    thank you so much.
    hats off to you as you are a part of Civil Services.

    1. I joined ecopoint post isi entrance and found it fine. Problem with ecopoint then was that it was an advanced course and if you didn’t know your basics then following the classes was a bit difficult. I am not sure if that’s changed now, please speak to them directly. I have also heard good things about Amit Goyal but have no personal experience with him. Sorry, couldn’t be of much help! I would suggest you to take trial classes and figure out yourself who suits your needs.

    2. Hey Prathamesh

      Amit Goyal is a brilliant teacher and perhaps the best to prepare you for the MA Eco entrances. I took coaching from him 2 years back and got through DSE. Ecopoint is nothing as compared to Amit sir. If you sincerely practice all the class tests and online tests that Amit sir regularly takes in his classes, you could be 100% sure of cracking DSE. He makes you learn high level concepts through problem solving; primarily the concepts that one learns at the Masters level course of DSE (particularly the 1st year course). So if you could master those high level mathematical concepts well (through problem solving), you could surely crack DSE entrance as well.

      PS: I had also taken Ecopoint coaching back in 2009 after completing my graduation from LSR, but didn’t find it worth it and left it after joining it for two weeks!

      Good luck!

      1. Ecopoint was then useful only if you had your basic concepts clear. I am not sure how things have changed now. Have absolutely no idea about Amit Goyal but many thanks for sharing your views, Aditi 🙂

      2. hey aditi,
        thank you so much for the time you took and replied to my query too.
        made all the doubts clear after your feedback. 🙂
        if you do not mind can you personally mail me on ” coolvai_22@yahoo.com “, in case if you really do not mind.
        all the best. !
        thanks cheers !

  16. hi bafna
    do u have any idea about blisspoint studies for ma entrance? i have not clear my baisc concepts of maths ( sem1 and sem-2 ba(h) eco from rajdhani clg). what i do ? should i take coaching or not and if i will take coaching then which
    i am totally confuse . help me
    plz reply asap

    1. The first point of contact should be your professors. If they are not helpful, you can consider joining some coaching. I am not aware about blisspoint and crackdse. Speak to your friends and find out which one is helpful.

  17. Hi Riju
    I have a great difficulty in applying the theory in problem solving. Typical General equilibrium questions and producer theory. Basically, my micro problem solving is pathetic.
    my maths is fine though.
    What do I do to get those examples of those high level questions?

      1. Riju Madam,
        what can you tell about people going for second masters after ma from dse or msqe from isi.
        Please guide

  18. hello sir,,,,i am an eco graduate…n i am very poor in maths n statistics…..disgustingly poor that is….so could you guide me(an idiot) as to which book should i start with???bcoz there are so many books i’m hearing about(du syllabus books,old n new)……i hv a very weak foundation..so no matter how hard i try ,i end up understanding nothing….bt i am pretty adamant …so here i am..
    P.S…..i am not from DU…another weak pnt..:)))

  19. Hello mam,
    I just want to know one thing, that will it be difficult for me to appear for UPSC civil services exam,if i enroll myself with DU south campus PG journalism course.?? i am not asking in terms of eligibility but with respect to the preparation and probability of making result a success. Because some people say that PG in journalism will make you an alter person in respect of what needs for an IAS .??

  20. Hello ma’am,
    I am doing B.A. LL.B. and i am in the fourth year. I am deeply interested in cracking UPSC Civil Services Examination. I have no clue as how to start preparing for exam. Please suggest the start up tips, so that i can start preparing for UPSC.

    Thank you. 🙂

  21. Hi Sir,

    I am a software professional of 30yrs of age.It was my dream to go for IAS/IPS.
    What is the age limit for these exams.

    Thanks for the all your guidance.

  22. Hello Ma’am,
    I am currently pursuing my B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering from IIT Indore (3rd year) but I am more interested in Civil services rather than technical stuff .Also I am not willing to do any further studies and if I have to than I won’t be able to leave technical branch. Since I still have 2 yrs before completing my graduation and turning 21 ( eligibility criteria) i want to start preparing everything required to clear exam with deep understanding from now on. I am doing fine with my grades as well therefore getting study time won’t be an issue. But every time when I started exploring things to study, they seems to be more messier than I imagined. So ma’am I was hoping to get a proper direction in which I should start my studies.
    PS: I have never been to an IAS coaching before so don’t know anything about it.

  23. hi riju,
    i will be a chartered accountant in coming January 2016, i have never thought about giving upsc but now i want to do it.
    I googled about it and found that almost 90℅ of people clearing upsc exams are from science stream. i thought may be the exam topics connect more to a science/arts student (engineers, msc,bsc) subjects then the commerce.

    can you please share your opinion for a commerce student going for the upsc exams?

  24. Please do not publish:

    Firstly kudos to you for your blog on the harassment fight. I hope you are successful in what you hope to achieve.

    I left India 20 years ago — unable to resolve within myself the duplicity that exists across society. Almost everything has different set of rules depending on who you are — none of this is on paper but one sees it right across every field. The only way an individual justifies it is that see I have created a sanitized version of “life” in my house. On a macro scale —- all that has been done is that you have thrown the rubbish out and society worsens as a result.

    What is required is a change of attitude, the need to widely recognize what is wrong, because unless we stop justifying these wrongs, things will not change. I hope this not as a chest beating TV publicity, but more as an internal recognition of ones own self. Does the Indian society as a whole have enough resources (inc emotions and self belief) to cope with this—— is a HUGE conundrum.

    You are what the country needs: intelligent, smart and good intent persons who are not cowed down by the moral society that passes as India. We require every Indian to stand up in the mirror and be honestly able to say to themselves, I always do the right thing.

    I sincerely hope that you will not be pressurized to change your “moral stand” on what you see is right.

    Once again: Best wishes.

    Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake — (I believe) Rabindranth Tagore’s country is still sleeping.

  25. Hey Riju!
    I’m confused about the choice of steam for undergraduate studies. I would love to pursue economics but I am not really very bright at maths. History and English on the other hand are my forte . Also I am interested in cracking UPSC and will be studying for it side by side. Please help me out .

  26. hello,mam my name is Sandeep singh i just want to know that in main examination of civil services .GS exam or optional subject which types of language is good for given an answer own language or book language which one is good for write a answer.and mam how to prepare or how to practice of writing for given answer …….

  27. Sir, I am a govt. servant and have less than 5 hrs a day to study seriously. I live in the suburbs of Kolkata and have to commute daily to my office at Kolkata. Moreover, I don’t have access to any coaching institute. Do you think that it is possible for me to have guidance from online and some books and clear the UPSC exam at all? Please show me the way. Thanks a lot.

  28. Hell Riju Bafna,
    Congrat.. to you. I have completed my post graduation in Political science and economics. right now I am working in government school . I wanted to go for civil service but my..acadmic Medium is hindi so plz help me mujhe kya karna chahiye.

  29. Madam riju bafna i hv completed MA economics, now i am preparing for upsc exam.give me some suggestion how to prepare economics.

  30. Dear sir am a law graduate with poor with aptitude n maths can i clear the rbi b grade exam given my situation? how many people appear fr pre of rbi b grade and what is level of difficulty ?does this exam happens every yr ?
    iam not able to decide should i take the risk of give my years for this exam since iam not good in maths and and there will be lot of them having good aptitude skills or shall i not

    plz help me to decide the right path

  31. Avi sir, I am a graduate with no Law Background… But I have interest in Law…. Is it safe to go with that optional….. Iam confused plz. help me out…

  32. hi riju
    I just now have completed my BE(ECE) and have been working as a project engineer.I am working here for my knowledge but my passion is to work for our country.I have started my IAS preparation which could be a challenging and adaptable for my passion.I need your guidance for my exam.can you help me…?

  33. Hello Mam,

    I was reading your blog “MARRIAGE VOWS” and want to stretch a bit(Personal Opinion). If we trace the history of such rituals be it in marriages or pouring milk on Shiva or “Sradhs” etc, they are all symbolic in nature for XYZ reason. Now question comes, “what is the essence of performing them? “, esp. vows. Here we do-
    I believe this is to fulfil the obligations of “society” in general( though not important) but of our parents in particular. Since birth of their child they had great desire and expectations from them, specially for their marriage. And by performing such rituals if we are able to made them feel special then I believe we have no right to succumb their feelings. For this generations such rituals are just waste of time and money but for parents it is something they cherish forever. I believe if old generation willingly wants to abort such rituals then it would be lasting and society can move on from the notion of “BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING”.

    Our Indian culture is such that we distribute sweets not only at birth but also at death(for oldies). We have two “Navratras” in a year and throughout there 18 days there are “bhandaras or langar” all around. There are numerous festivals than any other religion. Almost every day is dedicated to some God or the other. List is endless. This might be MANREGA or NFS type schemes in-build in our culture. A scheme to bridge the inequality or to fight caste discrimination. Society, culture or religion must change with time and adopt the prevailing environment.
    Pls share your views.
    Thank You.

  34. Hi riju mam. I am a civil services aspirant. I have completed my Masters in economics from Mumbai university. I am a student who is average in studies, nothing great. I want to start the preparation for UPSC and have a good idea about the conduct , difficulty levels of the exams etc. But I have a problem that i have a low voice which is because of an internal problem which sometimes makes me feel less confident at times and also i am not able to convey the right message to the person sitting in front of me. would this be a big problem for the Interview? please help me how to go about it thanks

  35. Hello sister!
    My name is Athithi.I am studying in 8th std,Tirupur,Tamil Nadu.
    What inspired you to become an I.A.S Officer ? Did you go to any coaching classes?

    8th std

  36. Hi

    Could you help me with some guidelines and texts to follow for economics NET? I studied philosophy in my undergraduate degree and am studying development studies for my MA.


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