MA Economics (With specialization in the World Economy), JNU

As already mentioned, this course is offered by School of International Studies. A student must be a graduate in Economics to apply for this course.

Preparation for this entrance is similar to the MA Economics degree offered by School of Social Studies. If i recall correctly, last year they had 8 questions out of which one had to answer 5. Keep the strategy for this same except that you need to write the answers in coherent manner. Note that the entrance for this course has subjective questions. On addition to the recommended topics for course at SSS (previous entry), go through 3rd year “International Economics” book by Paul Krugman. HO theorem, Specific factor model etc. are required to be done.

Last year, there was a question on money multiplier derivation. So, it is also suggested that you go through the basics of Money, Central bank instruments (CRR, SLR etc.) to control money supply.

Keep the answers terse and be clear with basics. For information regarding eligibility criteria, see here.

For any query/comments regarding MA Economics offered by SIS, post your comments on this blog entry. For queries in other entrances (JNU,ISI,DSE), put your comments in the respective blog entry. Please note that the comments are approved before being posted on the website so please don’t post your comments multiple times. Questions that have been already answered in the blog or in the comments will not be approved.

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  1. hello! i m jyoti.
    plz guide me , how i should prepair for entrance exam in ma -world economy. plz telll me some books, magazines etc.
    and i want privious year entrance question papers.


    1. @Jyoti: You are suggested to read the blog before commenting/asking. The blog has been written purposefully to answer such queries!!

    1. Hi,

      I am a passout from JNU SIS, 2011-2013 batch, during our time placement were below normal in terms of number of students placed and package offered. However, placement cell is a student driven initiative across SIS & SSS. So, overall Industry environment/ economic prospects as well as efforts put up by placement cell determines placements. 2012-2014 batch witnessed a significant hike in number of companies coming and recruiting from SSS/SIS. So overall, placement prospects are descent and to a larger extent it depends on individual caliber.

    1. @Yogesh: I am not sure of the cut-off. No. of seats can be seen from the brochure. I am not aware of it.

  2. dear riju
    i m doing BIBF-final(bachelor of international business and finance), i have studies business economics in first year, now wanted to make career in economics.Also i never had mathematics and economics at intermediate level,but studies business statistics and mathematics in second year of BIBF. please tell me that i m eligibile in jnu in both sis and sss, or dse.Also please tell me other good school or college to pursue ma economics.

    1. @Ziba: Refer to the reply to Bhavika and Aditi’s queries.
      @Faisal: Check the eligibility of the entrances. You might not be eligible given you have not studied maths at +2 level. Economics requires lot of mathematical tools and +2 maths is highly essential. SIS requires BA eco degree.
      @Rumi: Last year DSE took around 170 in total. For mathematics section in DSE, be thorough with Sydsaeter and complement with Chiang and also Simon and Blume. If you are weak at maths then focus on other three sections much more. Remember that to crack DSE, you need 50%.
      @Yuvraj: Varian is necessary. No priority on any chapter. All are necessary to be studied (except a few which are not done at UG level, check for yourself by going through the micro syllabus). The DU syllabus has the list of books to be referred.
      @Sanjeev: Dynamic analysis is not to be done. And sadly, Indian economists are not yet in the blogosphere world!! I wish they were! I shall try to find the old file which had Mathematics syllabus. Try to get all the past years to get an idea of mathematics section. It fluctuates a lot in terms of what topic will be asked.

  3. mam
    i studied maths as one subject in second year, is it of not worth at all?mam can i apear for mathematics paper at +2 level through nios to be eligible.
    please tell me about it.

    1. @Faisal: I do not think it is of much worth. Check out the rest for yourself. Take efforts to go through the eligibility criteria of all the entrances.

  4. Hi.I am a B.Tech final year student from NITK(National Institute of Technology,Kurukshetra).I have interest in maths and would like to study economics for my post graduate studies.Do you think i will be able to clear the exam since i have no background in economics…if yes waht option should i opt for…A or B?

    1. @Porus: Yes you can clear it. I would suggest Option A. It has economics but I think with some knowledge of economics and a good grip on maths and statistics, you will be able to get 50% in the entrance.

  5. can a BA maths hons student not apply for ma eco from SIS?do u necessarily have to be a BA eco graduate to apply for this particular course?

  6. H student .. Interested in Masters in Eco can you guide me .. Also I had Business Mathematics in +2 level which included stats Calculus etc. Would B.M cause ineligibility.???

  7. Hello,
    I am a final year student from du doing just want to ask am i eligible for ma eco (world eco) course.Moreover i have scored agg of 50% can sit for the entrance test.Also can u suggest some coaching institute for preparing these exams.I will be pursuing for upsc exams is it a good decision to study in jnu first and then prepare for upsc exams.
    Please help me i am really confused.


  8. hi i m tentop, currently doing my last year b.a. eco. in Madras christian college.
    can you tell me wther entrance test for only sss is objective type or for both the sss and sis course?

  9. @Abhimanyu: Past year papers can be obtained directly from JNU while applying for the course. They are also available at DSE photocopy shop.
    @ tenzin: Last year SSS entrance had objective as well as subjective questions.But SIS has subjective questions.

  10. HI….how can i get entrance test papers for economics.,to do my MA course in DELHI SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS. PLEASE……

  11. Hi..
    Its great to read your blog..
    Firsty I just wanted to inform you that the eligibility for SIS MA Eco has probabaly changed from just Eco graduates to being same as the one for SSS MA Eco. Hopefully you can add this info on this page.
    Secondly, it would be great if you could let me know which are the important chapters in Krugman to be studied for this entrance. I’m a stats graduate and haven’t studied any International Eco till date.
    Thanks in anticipation.

    1. The criteria for SIS still remains the same.
      “(b) M.A. in Economics (with specialization in World Economy)

      Bachelor’s degree in any of the following disciplines: Economics(Honours)/Economics(with either Mathematics or Statistics as a subject)/Mathematics (Honours)/Statistics(Honours)/Physics(Honours)/ Bachelor of Technology under 10+2+3 (or equivalent) pattern of education with at least 50% marks in aggregate.”

  12. hiii riju …thnks a lot for ur useful blogs….
    can u plz mail me tha soft copy of varian workbook and its solution??

  13. Hi riju, thanks for your relevant information
    can u pls suggest me a good coaching institute for preparation of entrance test for dse
    can u pls also tell me approximately how many students apply for dse entrance test?

  14. thanks for all the information. I’m in my final year of B.A.(Hons) Eco, Panjab University, and am planning to write the entrance exam for masters in eco this may. I would like to confirm if the paper for MA eco SIS is objective since last year, or still subjective? And, if there is any book which offers a question bank for objective questions. And, how much one needs to study for the public finance and economic development part, besides the usual mentioned subjects?

  15. Hi Riju,

    This is a really informative blog. Thanks for putting in all the effort!

    I have a query regarding the eligibility for MA Economics (with Specialisation in World Economy). I know this has been asked couple of times before, but having gone through your previous responses I still have not got it resolved.

    The prospectus for last year (2013-14) states the eligibility requirements as follows :

    Bachelor’s degree (with 50% marks in aggregate) in the following subjects: Economics(Honours) with Mathematics as subsidiary subject; Mathematics(Hons.) with Economics as a subsidary subject; or Statistics(Hons.) with Mathematics & Economics as subsidiary subjects.

    I am currently in a BSc Economics, Mathematics & Statistics course at St.Joseph’s College, Bangalore University.
    My course is NOT an Honours Course. But it has the three subjects viz – Eco, Math & Stats with equal weightage.

    Am I eligible for the MA Economics ( with Specialisation in World Economy) ?
    Have tried emailing the faculty at CITD, SIS – JNU. So far no response.

    Thank You.

    1. No, you don’t seem to be eligible for the course. It has to be an Honours course and not Pass, which yours seems like.

  16. Hey.
    Firstly Thank you. This website has been a great help. I am a 3rd year economics student from Calcutta University. We have very few chapters of the Krugman book referred to in the syllabus. So can you tell me the names of all the chapters I need to go through for SIS

    Also can you please give me an idea of the subjective questions to be asked here..

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