Strategy for Mains

We used this excel sheet to identify our sources for every topic and estimated date for completion.  It was a useful tool to keep track of preparation.

Syllabus and source

5 thoughts on “Strategy for Mains”

  1. Respected Avi Sir, I Have opted for Law Optional aiming 2016 , So plz. whenever you have time plz. guide us more related to this optional… as there is no help regarding this optional anywhere , no guidance nothing…. Plz. sir
    Thanks in advance

  2. Thank you for the articles and information that proved to be a great source of inspiration. I now understand that to crack the mains, one needs to have good writing skills. Can you suggest some ways to improve the same?

  3. Thanks a lot! Though somehow the entries in the field for ‘estimated date of completion’ aren’t visible.
    I thought maybe it’s due to different versions of office, so I tried opening it with google docs. However same problem persisted. Please check :)

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